Bookstagram? Should I have one?

hello my little bookworms, how are you today? So, today I’ll talk a little about Bookstagram and answer the question many friends ask me. Should I open a bookstagram? I’ll give you 4 simple reasons why you should open a bookstagram if you’re a book lover.

First of all, bookstagram (booksta for short) is the informal term given to Instagram accounts that post only bookish related things. This is books, book reviews, recommendations, lists, book trailers, cosplay, characters edits, memes, and so much more!

I opened my bookstagram last December, and even though I’ve been there for only 4 months, it has been one of the best decisions ever.

Bookstagram it’s a place where you’ll find people just like you. People that love the same things you do. You’ll find a space where you can boost your creativity whilst having fun. You can find book clubs, new fandoms, or your next favourite book.

The Community

The bookstagram community it’s just amazing. There’s so much support for one another. You’ll meet new friends, that are just obsessed as you are. And it’s so cool because you can talk freely with them. Maybe your closest friends or family don’t read the same books as you and can’t really share the excitement you feel when that book you longed for has finally arrived. Or when you finish a book and end up so hangover. Well, bookstagram is the PERFECT place for that. There are thousand experiencing the same things. They’ll understand you.

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Meet your next favourite book

I know it sounds like the Goodreads motto LOL. But, seriously, there are so many but so many good books out there that you haven’t even heard of yet. But someone already read it and loved it, and they’re going to share it on their feed. And you’ll see this beautiful picture and how much this person loved this book. So you’ll say: huh! this sounds like a great book. Then you’ll buy it, then you’ll read it and you’re going to love it like crazy. Because it quickly became one of your fav books. (based on a true story)

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Boost your creativity

Maybe you love photography, or writing, or editing, or drawing, or cosplay. Bookstagram it’s the perfect place to show your work. To meet people that do the same thing as you. People who will encourage you, inspire you, support you, and with whom you could even bond a friendship. Or maybe you do nothing of the above, you just like to read and love books. Girl, that’s enough. But who knows, maybe you’re a great photographer and you don’t even know. Or maybe you do amazing edits but you don’t know because you haven’t had the space to explore that. Bookstagram it’s that space. Venture to it! Go for it! Give it a try.

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Rant away

Definitely one of the things I love the most about booksta is ranting about books. It’s genuinely THE BEST! You know when you’re so infuriated with that character because it did something utterly stupid? or when you fall completely in love with another? or when the book finishes in such a cliffhanger that you just NEED to talk about it? yep, been there, done that. BUT, again, no one around you has read the book or maybe they didn’t even like it. Bookstagram got your back hun. As I said above, there are hundreds of people that feel the same way as you do. You can comment about specific scenes, a specific character, theories (one of my favs tbh) and so much but so much more.

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I could keep talking about it, but, as promised, those are my four reasons why you should open a booksta.

I honestly have so much fun in bookstagram. I’ve met wonderful people, wonderful books, wonderful shops, so much. And I’d love for you to experience this as well.

Tell me, do you already have a booksta? would you try it?

Love, Lin

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