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You need to read this sweet second-chance romance!

Hello beautiful book lover! The review I’ll share with you today is the sweetest second-chance romance. You’ve got to check it out!

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Baby, One More Time by Camilla Isley

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Pub Date: 20 January 2024

I loved this book! It was so fun, sweet, and cute. It was so addictive and easy to read, leading me to read it in just a few hours.

What is it about?

Driven and smart, Marissa Mayer has worked her way to COO at a major Fintech startup as well as launching her own successful app on the side. Now what she wants more than anything is a baby. And having given up on love after her heart was broken by the boy next door, she’s prepared to do it alone.

Recently returning to New York from LA, Dr John Raikes is an expert in his field of neonatal medicine. But when John introduces himself as Marissa’s doctor, sparks fly, and not in a good way. Because Dr John Raikes is no he’s her teenage sweetheart all grown up.

Marissa knows she should keep John at arm’s length, lest she have her heart broken again… But there’s something about a man in a white coat. And with John determined to show Marissa he’s changed, can she keep saying no when her heart is saying yes? (Goodreads)

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Marissa, our FMC, is an intelligent, successful, driven, and passionate woman. I loved reading Marissa. I loved that she’s utterly successful and a career woman and, at the same time, wants to become a mother. I understood and felt her emotions and trust issues. I mean, who wouldn’t have problems trusting the guy who broke your heart so badly? And Marissa handled it perfectly. She needed the time, the reassurance and the getting to know the new man John was.

John, our MMC, was a walking green flag with his charming smile and tender heart. At first, I didn’t think I’d say that about him as he so callously broke Marissa’s heart. But I loved reading about the man John had become and how he so devotedly and resolutely tried to win Marissa back. He owned his past mistake and, most importantly, made sure to show Marissa that he wasn’t that boy anymore.

It was clear Marissa and John were meant to be together, and I’m so happy to have read their lovely story. And I know many people will love this book as well. Also, I can’t wait to read more books by Camilla Isley!

Tell me, would you read this book?

love, Lin

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