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You need to add this small town romance to your TBR! ​

Hello beautiful book lovers! I you’re a having a great Monday and that you’re enjoying your current read. It’s a new day and a new review. So let’s get into it! 

✔️ he falls first
✔️small town
✔️ banter & chemistry
✔️ I’ve never loved before
✔️found family
✔️dual pov


Wild River by Laura Pavlov

Wild River is the story of River and Ruby. She’s absolutely gorgeous and captivating, so Rivers is enthralled, but she’s a no-nonsense kind of woman and is not interested in love. This is fine with River as he’s not looking for love or a relationship either, but the chemistry between them is impossible to ignore. 

What is it about?

Ruby Rose declared me the enemy before I had a chance to defend myself. I may be an attorney, but this girl had appointed herself judge and jury. And I’d never minded a good verbal sparring. There was a comfort in going to battle against the evil queen.

Maybe it was just the recognition of one damaged soul to another. But the more we fought—the more I craved her. Until our arguing turned into a bit of a wager.

One I was determined to win. One time. Sixty seconds. A secret only we would share. I’d work my magic and she’d declare me the winner. I ’d gloat, she’d sulk—that was my plan. She was determined to prove me wrong.

But from the minute we crossed the line, there was no turning back. She was so far under my skin I couldn’t think straight. Feeling things that I’d never felt before was one thing. But knowing the clock was ticking was another.

Ruby Rose may have given me more than sixty seconds, but she wasn’t offering forever. And now my world doesn’t work without her in it.But how do I convince her to stay, when she already has one foot out the door? (Goodreads)

After reading Loving Romeo, book one of the Magnolia Falls series, I knew I needed to read the following books. And River’s story did not disappoint me at all. It’s not only a love story, but it’s also about friendship, trust, finding happiness, personal growth, and opening your heart. 

It was truly lovely to see how Ruby opened up more and more to better things in her life. And how River learned to trust himself and love. I absolutely loved the chemistry and banter between them. It’s undeniable that they were perfect for each other. 

Also, I can’t get enough of this beautiful found family! This group of friends, who are more family than friends, is everything a friendship has to be. I love how they support one another, laugh together, and love each other. 

I literally can’t wait for book 3. I’m dying to read King and Saylor’s story!

Thank you so much to Laura Pavlov and Valentine PR for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Tell me, would you add this to your tbr?

love, Lin xo

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